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Slow tty console in VirtualBox

31 Aug 2010

Host OS: Windows 7 x86
VirtualBox: v3.2.x
Guest OS: Ubuntu 10.04 Server x86 (

If you type $ ls -la /usr/bin in a tty/console (ctrl+alt+fX) of the guest os, you may find that scrolling is very slow or/and laggy. I have tried many kernel parameters, but they didn’t help. I installed X and FluxBox, then I reinstalled Guest Additions, that gave the video module of VirtualBox to the kernel. After that I installed the rxvt-unicode terminal emulator, so if we launch this in FluxBox we get a faster console with a custom resolution. Installing X server may be a security risk but it doesn’t really important in case of running dev machine in VirtualBox. In exchange for this disadvantage we get a nice console with a useful clipboard. :)

I am not able to figure out how could I copy from guest terminal to host. If somebody knows the solution please share with us! ;)

Update (Jul 11 2011): or you just set up an SSH server in the VM, set up port forwarding and start it without VirtualBox window (hint: VBoxHeadless) ;)

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Tags: clipboard, console, english, fluxbox, linux, terminal, ubuntu, virtualbox, and windows
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